Physical development helps children to gain confidence in what they do. It enables them to feel the benefits of being healthy, active, and develop a positive sense of well-being. Kindergartners are still developing their gross motor skills, like walking, running, jumping, skipping and dancing. Up to this point in life, many children have not explored a variety of direction in movement. They may have focused on moving forward, sometimes neglecting the muscles and motor skills needed for other movements. In our gym class children practice walking in a straight line, in zig-zag lines, backward, sideways and even like various animals. These exercises help children develop balance, coordination and general fitness and utilize muscle control that might be otherwise neglected. Games teach children the importance of good sportsmanship and the necessity of listening to and following directions -- vital skills for children just getting used to the school setting.

For this purpose, we have gymnastic classes for the children here at the premises twice a week.

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