Each month your child will enjoy a varied program.

Topical themes from the nine units of The Longman

Pocket Books, written specifically to teach English as

a second Language.


MONTH           AGE 3/4                 AGE 4/5               AGE 5/6

                         POCKETS 1                           POCKETS 2                                POCKETS 3


OCTOBER   -------       My classroom                     At School                              People at School


NOVEMBER ------       My body                              Our Senses                           I am healthy


DECEMBER --------     My Toys                               At the Fair                            Making toys


JANUARY --------         REVISION OF UNITS 1, 2 AND 3

                                      WRITTEN EVALUATION REPORT GIVEN FOR EACH PUPIL AT THE

                                      END OF JANUARY AT PARENT/TEACHER MEETING.


FEBRUARY -------       My Family                           People we know                  Our Community


MARCH     --------      Our Pets                               Zoo animals                          Let’s go to the farm


APRIL  -------------      My Clothes                          Clothes for all weather       What people wear


MAY --------------       REVISION OF UNITS, 4, 5 AND 6                                     At the restaurant

                                   PARENT/TEACHER MEETING


JUNE -------------        Party Food                          Foods we like                        Let’s go somewhere

                                                                                                                                  Going Camping


JULY -------------        Around my home               Our Neighbourhood          


AUGUST/SEPT         Nature around us               The Sky                                 


Each month the children enjoy a varied program.  This will include

working on the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and core

language skills.

The children will participate in a daily music program, art, craft,

language, writing, educational games, circle time, play time and story



These activities are fully explained in our weekly lesson plan.

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