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Setaregan International Kindergarten in Tehran was founded in October, 1985. Setaregan International Kindergarten is the only International Kindergarten in Iran. We provide local and Foreign Residents of Tehran with high quality education. Setaregan prides itself on being a unique and caring atmosphere.

We offer an English program for children between ages 3-6. All of our programs are designed to meet the needs of native speakers as well as children with little or no knowledge of English or Persian. The program provides a comprehensive classroom experience for young children. Separate classrooms insure an age appropriate environment and curriculum.

We emphasize on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the children of all ages. Children engage in gross and fine motor skills, art, reading readiness and weekly music and gym classes.  All the educational materials used in classes are all purchased from the Lakeshore company USA.

Our curriculum is a well-balanced, enriched program that integrates discovery based learning and traditional teaching in a nurturing environment.

  • Parents are treated as full participants in their child’s education and are encouraged to be involved.
  • High quality teaching is paramount. Teachers in Setaregan all have early childhood credentials.
  • The English Language is integrated into daily life and the children have contact with English for the majority of the day.


Mrs. Parvaneh Ali akbari

(Proprieter, and Principal)

Setaregan International KinderGarden & Preschool  -  No 56 , East Armaghan St . Africa Ave . Tehran - Iran

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